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Antenatal classes and groups

 One way to get the most out of your pregnancy is to join an antenatal class. Not only will you have a laugh at your ever expanding waistlines, compare notes and share your hopes and fears (and heartburn remedies!) but being around other pregnant women is a real bonding experience. 

 NHS Parent Education
For a complete programme of sessions and events run at Helme Chase and organised by the NHS  please click here   

Hypnobirthing Classes

It is amazing that there is such a wealth of experience and choice available in the area!

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The Wise Hippo

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is not only about pregnancy and birth. Our life changing education creates strong, confident parents, who inherently trust themselves, and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families. The classes prepare you with the knowledge, tools, and the confidence you need, to have a calm and positive birth experience. When you and your birth partner are able to approach birth with a positive mindset, powerful techniques, knowledge and support, you can achieve The Right Birth On The Day.  Meeting your baby will be a beautiful and magical experience, that you will want to share with everyone.  You will be using self-hypnosis to let go of any fears and outdated beliefs surrounding childbirth, as well as relaxation & breathing techniques to calm your mind and your body, not only during pregnancy & birth, but for life.  Along with practical birth planning, your birth partner’s role, physical preparations for birth and so much more, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible education on how to birth your baby feeling calm, relaxed & in control. �� Download the FREE Calm & Relaxed Wise Hippo mp3 here.
Click here for a FREE ONLINE CLASS on "How To Overcome Your Fear Of Giving Birth" - a Wise Hippo Introduction Class
The next course is running at Kendal Leisure Centre, for 4 weeks, beginning on 14th May from 10-12.30pm.

Contact Lucienne to find out more or to book:
web: http://luciennebeau.com/

Emily Sheppard - Hypnobirthing Haven
07738 218659

Janet Naylor - Hypnobirthing Cumbria
07414 071199

Exercise/Relaxation Classes

Aqua Natal

Pregnant woman doing aquanatalKendal Leisure Centre, Burton Rd, Kendal, LA9 7HX
Tel: 01539 729777

    Mondays 9-9:45am
    Exercise in water is a fun way to stay active and fit during pregnancy.
    It's lots of fun!
    Midwife instructors
    Meet other mums to be
    Tone your body
    It's only the price of a swim - curently £4.20
    You don't need to book, just turn up
    Can attend from 16 weeks pregnant

Contact Helme Chase Maternity Unit for more information
Tel: 01539 795375

Yoga in Pregnancy
Lakes Leisure, Burton Rd, Kendal, LA9 7HX
Tel: 01539 729777
Yoga course specially designed for pregnancy and led by a qualified instructor. Includes simple postures, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Pregnancy Yoga with Nicola Vogler at yogabloom


Expecting Twins, Triplets or More?

TAMBA is the national twins and multiple births association.  They run one day antenatal courses specially for parents expecting more than one baby.  The nearest courses to us are in Altrincham, but it may be something that you feel is worth travelling for.  Whether or not you wish to travel to their antenatal courses, their website hosts a range of resources that you may find useful. 

What you'll really benefit from is chatting with other parents of multiples.  There is a twins and multiples group that meets fortnightly on Tuesday mornings at  St Thomas' Church, Kendal.  You'd be very welcome to go along there whilst pregnant and meet with parents who have already been through it.
Kendal Twins Group
Venue: St Thomas' Church, Kendal
Contact: Charlotte Rowley at kendaltwinsgroup@outlook.com
Time: 10:30am-12pm on alternate Tuesdays
Cost: £1.50

Another way of connecting with local parents is through the Lune Valley Twins and Triplets facebook group.

If you know of any antenatal classes not featured here we would be pleased to hear from you. Send the details to abi@babymaze.co.uk