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Do you follow the Non Perfect Parents club?

Saturday 21st January 2017

As a parent, it can be tough on social media, scrolling through photos of everybody else's 'perfect' families who slept through the night from being 2 days old, always look immaculate, seem to take everything in their stride, and what's more, their toddlers sit still in restaurants rather that trying to treat it like a trip to the playground. Even though you love your children so much, parenting is tough, none of us are perfect and those that look like they are almost certainly have their own struggles going on. Most of us only post the happy, positive moments publicly on Facebook, it's just a snapshot. There are lots of blogs and fb pages by people who tell us about their struggles in entertaining ways, but if we told the world about our same struggles, we're afraid we'd get people asking why we're complaining. Have you checked out The Non Perfect Parents Club? It's run by a local mum who has made it her mission to spread love, and support parents in a non-judgemental way. She ran a fab advent giveaway in December and has some very exciting plans for a parenting awards ceremony later this year. Check out the facebook page and the blog.